Firelex is a contract authoring platform that puts lawyers in charge. In addition to offering a range of pre-made templates, it allows you to create new templates using nothing but JavaScript, the world's most popular scripting language.

Blazingly fast. Highly customisable.

Choose a template...

Select from a large number of ready-made templates for fast document generation.

...or develop a new one

Learn to craft your own forms and templates with Firelex’s unique editing system.

First-grade learning tools

Editing in Firelex is a breeze thanks to the helpful quick-reference docs that sit alongside the editor.

Let us show you

How creating in Firelex works

Create a form definition

Create a form definition

Using our simplified coding language, you can build a form using easily accessible code snippets. Lay out the fields in columns, and use types such as text, drop-down, radio and checkboxes. Get creative and use the form logic to create scenarios based on input data.

Produce a document template

Produce a document template

Create a code template using our custom-built document generator. Here you can add a header, a boilerplate, headings, and paragraphs; and retrieve data from the form submission for dynamic content.

Populate the form with data

Populate the form with data

Now you have your form and document templates, follow the form stages, and input the relevant data for each stage. Soon you will have completed the form ready to download a fully drafted document.

Download your documents

Download your documents

Simply download your document using the one-click document generation button. The document will instantly be downloaded in a DOCX file ready for your perusal. And there you have it – Firelex’s four simple steps to mastering coding for document generation.

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